Customer Testimonials

Great size bag
I am the big fan of Michael Kors product. I love the product they have except clothing. This hand bag is really beautiful. I bought this bag two year ago and its still looks new. I carry this bag all of the time and it my favorite bag. Pros:- 1. It has two kind of carrying style; one is body cross and another is regular hand carrier. 2. It can hold lot of stuff because it has pin on handle, which makes bag strong. 3. This perfect bag for travels as well. 4. This hand bag is made of real leather and it is hard leather. Cons:- 1. This bag is kind of heavy it self. 2. If the bag is not full of stuff it, it does not look as good as with full stuff. 3. It is kind of big, so it not so much easy to carry holding handle.
Abby, Stockholm
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